Bilobulated nasal flap in cancer facial surgery

The skin cancer is a malign neoplasm who has great incidence in the Chilean population. The facial region is very affected by the high exposition to the sun irradiation. The most frequency are the basocelular, the escamousos and melanoma who has great mortality in several cases. The main treatment is surgical with skin flaps who has the advantage of the colour, texture and great irrigation which guarantees very favourable aesthetic results with minimal risk of necrosis. The flaps most used are rotation, advance and transposition. In the nasal area, the aesthetic is very important for patients and the use of the same skin for closure, allows good surgical results with acceptable oncological margins.

It is a descriptive clinical presentation in a serie of 60 patients (2010–2012), with basocelular and escamousos cancer in nasal area and were reconstructed using only the bilobulated skin flap or transposition for closure, after resection of basal cell carcinomas and squamous located in the nose. We describe and illustrate the flap used, the surgical technique and discusses the clinical results obtained, in a clinical area, where aesthetics are paramount, applying acceptable oncological margins.

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Jan 21, 2018 | Posted by in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | Comments Off on Bilobulated nasal flap in cancer facial surgery

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