Match program

I would like to thank the authors of “Match or non-Match: At the crossroads” in the November issue for a very well-done article on a subject that needed to be addressed (Allareddy V, Srinivasan S, Southard TE. Match or non-Match: at the crossroads. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 2015;148:748-54).

I recall that when the orthodontic match began, our program in the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine was initially considering not to participate in the selection process of the National Matching Service for a number of reasons, some of which were articulated by current nonmatched programs. However, upon reflection, it became clear that any perceived disadvantages to our school were outweighed by the overall benefits of the Match service to potential residents, other programs, and orthodontic education, which in turn should ultimately provide better care to patients. Mayo did join the Match, and time has proven that persons so selected have been superb residents, have embraced Mayo’s 3 shields—practice, education, and research—and have gone on to become outstanding specialists.

Is there even the hint that nonmatch programs have an unstated fear that their programs in some way do not “match up” with those that are?

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