Mandibular reconstruction with placement of dental implants on free autologous grafts

Among mandibular tumors ameloblastoma is a common disease in maxillofacial surgery in Peru, it is described as a local growth, aggressive and invasive with considerable potential for recurrence, so that clinical integration, imaging and histopathologic directs us to establish a diagnose to determine treatment. With knowledge of maxillofacial surgical techniques, we used a partial mandibulectomy with immediate reconstruction based on a free autologous bone graft followed by rehabilitation with osseointegrated dental implants.

Case report: A male aged 15, attended to service with a facial asymmetry in the left side with an evolution of 2 months. Examination revealed swelling in the mandibular body and angle of 4 × 3 × 3 cm in size, firm and crackling areas. Punzo aspiration was conducted: coagulated yellowish liquid was obtained with a syringe, also an incisional biopsy obtaining a pathological diagnose of plexiform ameloblastoma. Partial surgery resection was performed in the mandible with immediate reconstruction using autologous grafts and iliac crest bone cranium particular setting of a reconstruction plate. It was expected healing times or bone regeneration suitable for the installation of 4 endo-osseous implants, prosthetic phase culminated one year post-surgery.

A prerequisite for successful treatment is the proper removal of the tumor with safety margins set to expose the healthy bone and proceed with the immediate reconstruction of the affected area. Bone cranium was used as an anatomic containment and also particulate iliac crest graft to obtain adequate bone volume to allow us to make a fixed implant restoration with anatomical results, functional and aesthetic.

Conflict of interest: None declared.

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