Mandibular reconstruction in pediatric patients using stereolitographic models: report of cases

Simulation and planning of surgical interventions using stereolithographic models can contribute to optimize treatment and enhance quality management in craniomaxillofacial surgery. Specific anatomic situation of each patient can be comprehensively analyzed preoperatively.

Reconstruction is a challenge for the maxillofacial surgeon for a number of reasons, such as complicated geometry of the mandible, muscles attached to the mandible which act in different directions, form and position of condyles in the glenoid fossa, and occlusion. Further rehabilitation of the mandible can be performed using autogenous bone grafting, a reliable standard procedure. Incorporation of the bone graft into the mandible allows for the continuity and strength necessary for its proper function, with the possibility for dental implant rehabilitation.

The aim of this report is to show a series of mandibular reconstruction in pediatric patient, all the cases where reconstructed using autogenous bone graft (anterior iliac crest) and 2.4 mandibular reconstruction plates. The rapid prototyping was made with a Z-CORP 3D printer, model Z Printer 510. The rapid prototype was made over a calcium sulphate matrix impregnated with polyester resin.

The reconstruction of three different mandibular pathologies will be presented. The first case is a vascular malformation, the second case is a pathologic fracture due to osteogenic distraction, and the last case is a severe micrognatia because of a Pierre Robin sequence.

The result of all cases was; improved mandibular function, adequate facial contour, improvement of the upper airway and a decrease of the surgical time.

Conflict of interest: None declared.

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