Long term results of therapy of sleep apnea syndrome by electromyostimulation (EMS)

The electrostimulation (EMS) of the mouth floor muscles is an innovative procedure for therapy in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS). So far there are only few scientific findings about the influence on sleep parameters and morphology of mouth floor muscles.

In 17 patients with OSAS over a time period of more than 7 years 2 times daily the enoral-cutaneous EMS was applied by the Snorprevent System (von Berg Medizingeräte Technik). All patients were previously and after 8 weeks standardized in sleeping laboratory. Additionally, the volumetric 3D-sonographical measurement of the M. geniohyoideus was carried out by B-Scan-sonography. The patients had an age of 37–66 years (mean 52.2 years). 24% had a light, 65% a moderate and 11% a strong OSAS. After 4 weeks stimulation a reduction of the RDI in all groups of 64% (group 1: RDI 64%, group 2: 66%, group 3: 62%) could be proved with a responder ratio of 76%. 7 years under EMS a stabile outcome was seen in the polysomnography and also in the ultrasound results. The EMS enables an effective, physiologically, noninvasive therapy of OSAS. This therapy should continuously be applied otherwise a relapse of the muscles is to be expected. According to the initial values of the sleep parameters, an absolute improvement of the parameters of over 60% can be expected. It has to be decided whether in strong cases of OSAS such reduction is sufficient or whether additional treatment should follow.

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Jan 27, 2018 | Posted by in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | Comments Off on Long term results of therapy of sleep apnea syndrome by electromyostimulation (EMS)
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