Intraosseous angiolipoma of the mandible

Aim: To report a case of intraosseous angiolipoma in the mandible.

Case report: A 21 year old female patient came with a chief complaint of swelling on the left side of the jaw since 3 years. Patient gave history of trauma to the facial area when she was 2 years old. There was no associated pain or discharge from the swelling. Clinical examination revealed gross asymmetry of the face and increase in both length and width of body and ramus of the mandible which ended at the contralateral canine region. The symmetry at the lower border of the mandible remained intact. There were no bruits heard on auscultation. Intraoral examination revealed enlarged left lower alveolar bone.

Orthopantomograph revealed ground glass appearance in the region of the lesion. On aspiration from the lesion revealed presence of blood. A CT angiography was recommended which showed multiple dilated torturous channels within the medullary canal causing widening of the body and ramus of the left mandible.

The patient underwent surgical resection of the lesion. Resected specimen on histopathological examination revealed numerous congested vascular spaces amidst fibro adipose tissue suggesting angiolipoma.

Discussion: Intraosseous angiolipoma is a rare disorder that has been reported only three times in literature previously. It represents a neoplasm consisting of both blood vessels and fat and it needs to be distinguished from lesions such as fibro osseous lesions, hemimandibular hyperplasia and vascular tumours. The purpose of this poster is to document another case of this rare intraosseous lesion.

Conflict of interest: None declared.

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