Implant techinique intra and extra oral: epithesis 10 year of experience

Objectives: The facial prosthetic rehabilitation is a valid alternative when the conventional reconstructive surgical techniques cannot be applied either because of the psychophysical conditions of the patient or because of an excessive substance loss. The surgical technique with prosthesis has several applications: malformative, infective, traumatic pathology, results of oncologic surgery and radiant therapy, and particular clinical conditions such as diabetes, leukemia, and others.

Materials and methods: From May 2002 to December 2010, 415 facial prosthesis (1117 implants) have been positioned in our Ephitesy Center. Defects were congenital ( N = 142), consequent to trauma ( N = 95) and to demolitive surgery for malignant tumors ( N = 95), and infection ( N = 83). In 40 patients, implants were placed in previously irradiated areas. A total of 1117 titanium implants were placed to support 187 auricular prostheses (bilateral in 29 cases), 126 orbital prostheses, 89 nasal prostheses, and 13 complex midfacial prostheses.

Conclusion: By the positioning of this prosthesis can restore optimal physiological condition, both in the reconstruction in cases of severe trauma, and to remedy defects or degeneration due to oncological diseases, with epithesis, which are faithful reproductions of silicone or latex anatomical sites absent of the face. A solution derived from the study of dental implants and developed thanks to the availability of materials, which allow a high level of zoning rebuilt. According to our experience and in agreement with the literature, we can say that the prostheses on osseointegrated implants are indicated when conventional surgical techniques cannot be applied.

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