Forensic Odontology Report

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Earth and Life Sciences Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and ILEWG, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A legal report is the final evidence a jury uses when making decisions. This chapter reviews the basic procedures for completing stellar legal reports.

22.1 Introduction

Writing an ideal forensic odontology report is as much as art as it is a science. This chapter focuses on writing an exemplary legal report.

22.2 Identification Cases

The steps outlined in this section should be followed when working on an identification case (American Board of Forensic Odontology 2011).

22.2.1 Basic Information

The report should include at a minimum the following elements:


Requirements of report.

The forensic investigation should explain orodental findings in details that can be used for identification (age, sex, ethnic group, and occupation) (if possible).

The report must explain if the death could be due to trauma or any family or other violence that led to any injuries or trauma to the teeth, jaws, and any other oral and maxillofacial part. The possible causes should be given, too, if possible.

The forensic odontology identification report should be understandable to a general audience (i.e., it should be written using layperson’s language).

22.2.2 Before Postmortem Examination

The following parameters should be taken in account before the postmortem examination:


The date and by whom you were given direction to do investigation

The date when and condition and position in which the body was found

Possible cause of death according to police and family members or others

Date and location of mortuary where autopsy was performed

Possible cause of death and main findings (according to the forensic pathologist or chief forensic investigator)

Date and place of the odontology examination

Name of the forensic investigators, other forensic experts, and police officers

Type of material for forensic odontology investigations

22.2.3 The Postmortem Examination

The report should include the following information about the postmortem exam:


Materials and condition of materials provided for forensic odontology investigations

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