Exodontia related complications at a Japanese hospital with a major HIV/AIDS treatment center

Objective and methods: In order to investigate exodontia related complications with HIV-1 immunodeficiency, a retrospective observational analysis reviewed patients’ chart for age, co-morbidity and blood test results before and after the dental extraction procedure. At Japan’s one of the largest HIV treatment hospital from January 2008 to August 2010, 120 HIV-1 infected patients received extractions.

Results: Among 276 extraction procedures performed to these patients, there were 14 occasions (5.2%) of complications that could be an obstacle during patients’ healing process such as alveolar osteitis. A case of post-extraction infections was 0.4%. Comparing CD4 count at the time of exodonxia, complications occurred 6.1% of the time when the CD4 was under 200. When CD4 count was above 200, complications, including the only post-extraction infections case, occurred 5.2% of the time. HBV infection, diabetes mellitus, HCV infection and hemophilia were common in this order among internal co-morbidities. For HIV-HBV cross-infected patients, complication was observed 19.4% of the extractions. For age groups, 6 complications occurred to patients in their 20s, 7 complications to the 30s and 7 to other age groups.

Conclusion: Contrary from the perception by some dental care providers, this study did not find an association between exodontia associated complications among HIV-1 infected patients and their age, CD4 or AIDS status. These results indicates that when the patient had good control of hygiene and comorbidities combined with appropriate antibiotics administration as post-procedure prophylaxis, there were no elevated risks of post-extraction complications, even compared with HIV negative population.

Conflict of interest: None declared.

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