Eponyms in OMFS

Abbe flap: a pedicled full thickness flap of one lip transferred into the other

Addison Thomas, British physician 1793–1860
Addison disease: chronic adrenal insufficiency, hypocortisolism, hypoadrenalism, and buccal mucosa pigmentation Adson Alfred Washington, US Neurosurgeon 1887–1951
Adson tissue forceps Albers-Schonberg Heinrich Ernst, German radiologist 1865–1921
Albers-Schonberg disease: osteopetrosis Albright Fuller, US endocrinologist 1900–1969
Albright syndrome: precocious puberty, polyostotic fibrous dysplasia, unilateral café-au-lait spots Allen Edgar Van Nuys, US physician 1900–1961
Allen’s test for radial or ulnar artery patency Apert Eugene, French paediatrician, 1868–1940
Apert’s syndrome: type I acrocephalosyndactyly Battle William H, English surgeon 1855–1936
Battle’s sign: post-auricular ecchymosis in # of middle cranial fossa Behçet Hulusi, Turkish dermatologist 1889–1948
Behçet’s syndrome: uveitis, oral, and genital ulceration Bell Charles, Scottish anatomist 1774–1842
Bell’s palsy: idiopathic unilateral facial nerve paralysis, usually self-limiting Binder Karl Heinz, German dentist 1923–
Binder’s syndrome: nasomaxillary hypoplasia Bowen John T, 1857–1941
Bowen’s disease: cutaneous squamous intra-epithelial carcinoma Breslow Alexander, US pathologist 1928–1980
Breslow thickness: melanoma depth Burkitt Denis P, British physician 1911–1993
Burkitt’s lymphoma: EBV in African children Caldwell George W, US physician 1834–1918
Caldwell–Luc approach via canine fossa to maxillary sinus Carnoy Jean Baptiste, French biologist 1836–1899
Carnoy’s solution: a fixative used in keratocystic odontogenic tumour management Castleman Benjamin, US physician and pathologist 1906–1982
Castleman disease: uncommon lympho-proliferative disorder (not reactive lymph node hyperplasia or malignancy) Chvostek František, Czecho-Austrian physician 1835–1884
Chvostek’s sign: hypocalcaemia-related tapping over facial nerve elicits abnormal muscle contraction(s) Crohn Burrill Bernard, US gastroenterologist 1884–1983
Crohn’s disease: inflammatory bowel disease, may affect any part of the gastrointestinal tract from mouth to anus Crouzon Octave, French physician 1874–1938
Crouzon syndrome: craniofacial dysostosis DiGeorge Angel Mario, US paediatrician 1921–2009
Di George syndrome: deficiency of 3rd and 4th pharyngeal pouches, cellular immunodeficiency, overlap with VCF Epstein Alois, Czech paediatrician 1849–1918
Epstein’s pearls: cystic papules on palate Erb Wilhelm Heinrich, German neurologist 1840–1921
Erb’s point: where the great auricular nerve crosses the SCM Estlander Jacob, Finnish surgeon 1831–1881
Abbe–Estlander flap: a full thickness flap reconstruction of oral commissure Fergusson Sir William, Scottish surgeon 1808–1877
Weber–Fergusson incision: facial access for maxillectomy Frey Lucie, Polish neurologist 1852–1932
Frey’s syndrome: gustatory sweating following parotid surgery or trauma Gardner Eldon J, US physician 1909–1989
Gardner’s syndrome: variant of familial adenomatous polyposis with osteomas, neuromas, lipomas, polyposis coli Gillies Sir Harold, English maxillofacial/plastic surgeon 1882–1960
Gillies lift: surgical approach to closed zygomatic fracture reduction
Also needle holder, tissue forceps, skin hooks Goltz
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