Endoscopic assisted surgery: excision of frontal and temporo-zygomatic lesions

Introduction: Endoscopic assisted surgery has become increasingly accepted in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery over the past decade. The literature describes its use in brow and mid face lifts, excision of cheek lipomas and benign tumours and cysts of the frontal region.

Endoscopic resection is a minimally invasive technique which results in small, well concealed scars and better visualisation and magnification of anatomical structures. This decreases potential neurovascular impairment and overall allows a faster patient recovery time.

The potential pitfalls are that it is a more expensive technique and there is a steep learning curve.

Methods: The authors present their experience of two cases using this technique for excisional biopsy of frontal and temporo-zygomatic lesions. The results revealed a pleasing aesthetic outcome, both for the patient and the surgeon with a decrease in potential morbidity.

This endoscopic-assisted surgical technique is a particularly useful tool for the facial surgeon. With increasing usage and experience of endoscopy in OMFS, equipment costs and operative time will decrease. At present the authors suggest it can be used as an alternative method for those patients prone to keloid scarring, the young face, and those with high aesthetic demands.

We give an account of materials used, the subperiosteal technique employed and the surgical outcome.

Conflict of interest: None declared.

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