Emma gets braces!

Book reviews in the AJO-DO usually focus on textbooks that present information on scientific and clinical matters. This new book is not really of value for its scientific content but, rather, is important because of its practical value. Emma gets braces! is a delightful little book written by an orthodontist that describes what it is like to get braces.

It is cleverly written and wonderfully illustrated. It is arranged as an alphabet book that describes the process of getting braces using orthodontic words that begin with the letters A through Z. The text for each passage is presented in rhymes. The author is to be congratulated for his creativity and especially his ability to find orthodontic words for every letter of the alphabet, including some challenging ones: Z, X, Q, J, and K. “Braces are for Kids, and adults it’s all the same. Not too young nor too old, a perfect smile is the aim.” The book is a little biased, with 8 of the 26 passages focusing on oral hygiene, but that is a good thing. In the end, each passage is readable, enjoyable, and, best of all, informative.

The illustrations are delightful: colorful, positive (many smiles), and high quality; and the page design is excellent. The characters focus on the main players: Emma, a preteen, and her mother, the orthodontist. I would definitely recommend this engaging book for preteens, but also for their parents. It should be a mainstay in the waiting room or perhaps given as a gift before treatment begins. Its intent is to share important information, which it does; it is worth purchasing, reading, and sharing.

This book is written by an orthodontist and dedicated to his children. Good job, Doctor Dad!

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