Descriptive analysis of cohort of severe odontogenic infection

Introduction: In spite of the great improvement achieved in oral health in industrialized countries, the odontogenic infection continues being present and leading to the hospitalization of the patient.

Purpose: To describe the demographic characteristics, the treatment and the evolution of a historic cohort of patient with severe odontogenic infection (SOI) in the Sótero del Río Hospital between the next years 1997 and 2006.

Method: The design corresponds to a historical cohort study. Included 183 patients. Demographic information, morbid and semiologic precedents, vital signs, anatomic compromises, pharmacological and surgical treatment, cronological information and complications were recollected from the medical history of these patients. STATA computed program was used to establish the results.

Results: The SOI was more frequent to find in the female gender. The most affected decade was the third one. Caries was the principal cause to suffer a SOI. The most frequent involved teeth were the lower third molars. Perimandibular area was the most frequently compromise. Trismus was highly frequent in this patient. In relation to the treatment, all patient received an antibiotic therapy. Teeth extraction with the incision and drainage of all affected anatomic space was the most frequent surgical procedure. Complications of SOI were very infrequent.

Conclusions: SOI are more frequent to be found in women in this sample. It principally originates from the natural course of caries disease and then progress affecting principally the perimandibular area. The most frequent treatment is the tooth extraction with the incision and drainage, together with intravenous antimicrobial medication.

Conflict of interest: None declared.

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