Autologous fat grafting for volumetric defects: its applications in cranio maxillo facial surgery

Introduction : Autologous fat grafts have gained popularity among Cranio-Maxillofacial surgeons within the past years, since clinical works by Coleman and others, have shown that it is possible by careful handling of the transplanted fat to improve the long term results. The main indication for structural fat grafting, lipostructure technique or Coleman technique, are restoration and rejuvenation of the face. The advantages of autologous fat transplant include ease of performance, no scarring, repeatability, no immunity phenomena, low cost, no secondary defects and quick recovery with minimal risk. Recent applications include treatment of facial lipoatrophy, hemifacial atrophy, correction of localized soft tissue atrophy, post-onchological and postradiotherapy sequelae, as well as a complementary treatment in reconstructive surgery and congenital craniofacial deformities.

Patients and methods : A retrospective study is done reviewing the cases treated in the areas of facial trauma, craniofacial deformities, hemifacial atrophy, radiotherapy and onchological defects after tumour resection and flap reconstruction.

Results : A total of 25 cases were reviewed. The mean of procedures required by each patient was 2 (1–5) Areas more frequently treated were the cheek and the malar region, where the best results were obtained Pre- and post-surgical results are exposed through serial photographies.

Conclusions : Autologous fat grafting technique improves final results in facial reconstructive surgery when volume defects exists. Adequate technique of fat harvesting and fat tissue layering is of fundamental importance to improve vascular development in the implanted area and avoid resorption due to fat necrosis. This procedure should be considered by the cranio-maxillofacial surgeon as a great mean for restoration of volumetric defects and refinement in craniofacial deformities. Key word : autologous fat grafting

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