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I want to thank Dr Friedlander for his insightful commentary. I suppose I included the comment he noticed because, from a risk-management perspective, just about everything we do or choose not to do is related to our risk tolerance. Although the risk might be small, the result can be huge and devastating. I agree with Dr Friedlander about the potential for an extreme reaction to prophylatic antibiotic coverage, but I still have the responsibility, as a risk-management educator, to expose our readership to both sides of an issue. After being exposed, we can each make whatever decision we like, based on our personal risk tolerance. If I truly believed that this risk, along with others, could never happen to me, then why would I carry malpractice insurance? The bottom line is that we do so to protect ourselves from the risks—all risks, albeit small—associated with the practice of orthodontics. So, should we or shouldn’t we use prophylaxes? I don’t know what any particular reader should do, but I certainly know what I will do. How about you?

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Apr 14, 2017 | Posted by in Orthodontics | Comments Off on Author’s response

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