Alveolar cleft reconstruction using autogenous tooth bone graft material

Objectives: To report the successful results using autogeneous tooth bone graft material (Auto-Tooth Bone) in alveolar cleft patients. Auto-Tooth Bone is composed of bio-recycled extracted teeth developed in Korea used as autogenous bone graft materials. It has both osteoconduction and osteoinduction properties, and induces rapid new bone remodelling. Auto-Tooth Bone is an incomplete decalcification dentin matrix that includes type-I collagen such as alveolar bone, BMPs, and HA, which are essential components of bone remodelling.

Methods: Six patients with alveolar cleft defects received secondary alveolar bone grafting using Auto-Tooth Bone. Four patients were treated using Auto-Tooth Bone made from their own extracted teeth, one patient from her mother’s four wisdom teeth, another one from his brother’s wisdom teeth, and three patients from their deciduous teeth or supernumerary teeth. One case were conducted the combination of maxillary bone transport and Auto-Tooth Bone grafting. After grafting all patients received orthodontic treatment or dental implant treatment without any trouble.

Results: Successful orthodontic treatment and implant restorations with closure of the oronasal fistula were achieved in alveolar cleft defect reconstruction.

Conclusion: Auto-Tooth Bone grafting showed favourable outcomes in reconstructing alveolar cleft defects, avoiding harvesting autogenous bone graft with complications and morbidities.

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Jan 20, 2018 | Posted by in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | Comments Off on Alveolar cleft reconstruction using autogenous tooth bone graft material
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