Alveolar augmentation with distraction osteogenesis: report of three cases

Background and aims: Distraction osteogenesis is a valuable treatment option used in severe alveolar insufficiencies caused by several reasons such as tooth loss, trauma and pathologies. In this presentation three cases which are treated with distraction osteogenesis will be reported.

Case report: In the first case; the patient was a 20 year old male and he has a defect in the anterior region of mandible caused by trauma. In the second case patient was a 44 year old female who has a defect at the left mandibular posterior region, she had a tumour resection ten years ago. The third patient was a 58 years old female and she had early teeth lost and demanding for fixed dentures. In these patients alveolar athrophy were caused by early lost of teeth, trauma and ameloblastoma resection. Custom made alveolar distractor were used in all patients. Before the surgery distractors were adapted on patients’ stereolithographic models. In two patients alveolar distraction was carried out on vertical dimension in the other one was horizontal. Devices left on the site of distraction for three months for consolidation in all patients. For the second patient block grafting applied for lateral augmentation after consolidation period for implant placing. A total number of eight implants placed to the patients. All implants healed without any complications and prosthetic restoration completed successfully.

Conclusion: These three cases showed that distraction osteogenesis is a good treatment modality for the patients with alveolar defects.

Conflict of interest: None declared.

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Jan 27, 2018 | Posted by in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | Comments Off on Alveolar augmentation with distraction osteogenesis: report of three cases
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