23: Interim Removable Partial Dentures

CHAPTER 23 Interim Removable Partial Dentures

Tooth replacement is required for a variety of reasons. Sometimes replacements may be necessary for shorter periods of time that serve alternative purposes than permanent replacement, such as while tissue is healing or related treatment is being provided. When such applications require the temporary use of removable partial dentures, their fabrication and use must be incorporated into a total prosthodontic treatment plan.

These various uses of interim prostheses for the partially edentulous mouth strive to achieve temporary goals with minimum time and expense. These prostheses are typically resin with wire retention and may include components to provide tooth support. The difficulty in achieving and maintaining strategic tooth support and stability with such prostheses makes it important that patients be made aware that these prostheses are temporary and may jeopardize the integrity of adjacent teeth and the health of supporting tissue if worn for extended periods without supportive care.

Interim prostheses may be indicated as a part of total treatment for the following:

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