19: Work Authorizations for Removable Partial Dentures

CHAPTER 19 Work Authorizations for Removable Partial Dentures

Work Authorization

A work authorization contains the written directions for laboratory procedures to be performed for fabrication of dental restorations. The responsibility of a dentist to the public and to the dental profession to safeguard the quality of prosthodontic services is controlled in part through meaningful work authorizations. If work authorizations are properly completed, they provide a means for increased professional quality assurance and satisfaction in a removable partial denture service.

A work authorization completed by a dentist is similar to granting power of attorney. It grants authority for others to act on the dentist’s behalf and specifically prescribes what is authorized.

When properly executed, work authorizations are effective channels of communication. They enhance the quality of the completed restorations by providing instructions for individually and scientifically considered prostheses.

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