22: Dentist–Lab Technician Communications

Chapter 22 Dentist–Lab Technician Communications

Brief History Of Communication Between Dentist And Lab Technician

In the past, communication was brief and simple. The dentist would specify a porcelain or metal crown, assign it a shade, and sign a work authorization for the laboratory. Today the material selection process is far more complex, and there are many more options. To make the optimal decisions in each case, the laboratory needs more information from the dentist (Box 22-1). At the same time, laboratories have evolved from simply filling orders to being an important resource to dentists, consulting on everything from materials to procedures. To take advantage of that resource, dentists are communicating with their laboratories closely and continually throughout the restorative process.

The channels for these communications have also broadened and deepened, with communications increasingly being handled digitally. The ease of transmitting photography—as well as work authorizations—digitally is improving the accuracy, thoroughness, and speed of all communications between dentists and laboratories, with correspondingly better results for patients.

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