22 Crowns for primary molars


Crowns for Primary Molars

Stainless Steel Crowns (SSC)

This has proved to be the most successful restoration for carious primary teeth. It is long lasting and versatile enough to be used in many situations for the restoration of the primary dentition and also permanent molars in children and adolescents. Stainless steel crowns are supplied only by 3M ESPE.


  • Restoration of primary molars with caries involving multiple surfaces (Fig. 22.1).
  • Restoration of primary molars after pulp therapy or after indirect pulp capping (Fig. 22.2).
  • Children with rampant caries who will benefit from full coverage.
  • Restoration of primary molars with developmental defects. Particularly useful for the protection of the primary dentition in cases of amelogenesis and dentinogenesis imperfecta (Figs. 22.3–22.5).
  • Restoration of extensively carious primary molars in pre-schoolers where a truly long lasting restoration is required.
  • In children with disabilities with severe bruxism that is causing damage to the dentition. SSCs protect tooth surface wear in these situations and often need to be placed under general anaesthesia.
  • Restoration of hypomineralised permanent molars, such as occur in cases of molar incisor hypomineralisation (MIH), see Chapter 25.

Figure 22.1 SSC used to restore multi-surface caries.


Figure 22.2 SSC used to restore upper first primary molar after pulpotomy.


Figure 22.3 SSC used to restore hypomineralised primary second molars.


Figure 22.4 SSC used to restore primary molars in a patient with amelogenesis imperfecta.

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