16: Vibrios, campylobacters and Wolinella

Chapter 16 Vibrios, campylobacters and Wolinella

Bacteria belonging to these three genera (together with others such as the genus Helicobacter) are morphologically similar, being Gram-negative curved bacilli. They are enteric pathogens of humans or part of the normal flora. Because of their unusual growth requirements (formate and fumarate needed), they have to be cultured in special media.


The genus Vibrio includes two important human pathogens, but their natural habitat is water. Vibrio cholerae causes cholera, while Vibrio parahaemolyticus causes a less severe diarrhoea. The main symptom of cholera is watery diarrhoea that can be fatal as a result of severe dehydration, water and electrolyte loss.

Vibrio cholerae

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