15: Observing regulations

Chapter 15

Observing regulations

Nairn Wilson


The dental team is increasingly subject to regulation. The aim of this chapter is to outline key aspects of professional regulation and its purpose.


This chapter enables dental team members to understand healthcare regulation better and, in particular, the regulation of dentistry.


The principal purpose of healthcare regulation is protection of the public: putting patients’ interests first and acting to protect them. Healthcare regulations and the regulation of dentistry vary internationally, ranging from being highly structured to a relatively ‘light touch’ approach.

The principal purpose of healthcare regulation is protection of the public.

The various aspects of the regulation of dentistry that individually and collectively protect the public include:

  • keeping up-to-date lists of practitioners and, according to national provision, other members of the dental team entitled to provide and otherwise be involved in the provision of oral healthcare

  • setting high standards of dental practice and conduct

  • maintaining high standards of dental education

  • requiring members of the dental team to be lifelong lea/>

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