13: Dental waxes

Chapter 13

Dental waxes


Waxes have a variety of uses within dentistry and are manufactured from various materials, including plants, minerals, animals and synthetic waxes. They can be used both intra- and extra-orally.

Waxes can be divided into three categories: pattern, processing and impression waxes. They are thermoplastic materials that present as solids at room temperature; they can be softened with heat and hardened with cooling.

Waxes are often used in conjunction with dies and models (see Chapter 12) to facilitate construction of various restorations, appliances and prostheses. This chapter does not aim to discuss ways in which wax patterns are created, but instead discusses the various types of waxes and their composition and function (Figure 13.1).

Figure 13.1 Types of waxes.



Pattern waxes are used to p/>

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