12: Inflammatory Salivary Gland Disorders

12 Inflammatory Salivary Gland Disorders


Mucoceles in the oral cavity are cystlike collections of salivary mucin that spills out of a traumatized duct.

Etiopathogenesis and Histopathologic Features

Mucoceles are pseudocysts that arise from trauma to the excretory salivary duct; this leads to escape of mucous into the surrounding soft tissues, which become walled off by granulation tissue and eventually organized by fibrous tissue.

Salivary Duct Cyst (Salivary Retention Cyst, Sialocyst)

Etiopathogenesis and Histopathologic Features

These true cysts arise from retention of secretions within a duct from a distal obstruction, or from presence of a sialolith.

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