5: Fibrous, Gingival, Lipocytic, and Miscellaneous Tumors

5 Fibrous, Gingival, Lipocytic, and Miscellaneous Tumors

Fibrous Lesions

Fibroma (“Bite” or “Irritation” Fibroma, Fibroepithelial or Fibrovascular Polyp) and Giant Cell Fibroma

Etiopathogenesis and Histopathologic Features

Fibroma is a reactive fibrosis and scarring (similar to a hypertrophic scar on the skin) from bite trauma and is not a true neoplasm.

Gingival Masses

Classification is as follows:

Reactive/Inflammatory Gingival Nodules

Etiopathogenesis and Histopathologic Features

Pluripotent cells in the gingival tissues when traumatized or irritated (usually by accumulation of dental calculus or bacterial plaque, rough edges of restorations, or presence of implants) differentiate toward endothelial cells, fibroblasts, osteoblasts, or osteoclast-like cells, giving rise to four distinct histologic entities or combinations thereof. Estrogen and progesterone causes overexpression of vascular endothelial growth factor in granuloma gravidarum. See Table 5-1 and Figures 5-11 to 5-19 for histopathologic features.

TABLE 5-1 Reactive Gingival Nodules

Diagnosis Histopathology
(fibrovascular hyperplasia/polyp)
Giant cell fibroma

Pyogenic granuloma Peripheral ossifying fibroma (fibroma with osseous prosoplasia)

Peripheral giant cell granuloma


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Diffuse/Multifocal Gingival Hyperplasia

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