11: Permanent Dentition: Dento-alveolar Fractures

Chapter 11

Permanent Dentition: Dento-alveolar Fractures


To provide a review of current practice for the treatment of these injuries in the permanent dentition.


After reading this chapter the reader should be aware of the appropriate treatment for dento-alveolar fractures in the permanent dentition.


Dento-alveolar fractures occur with higher impact forces. When alveolar bone is fractured a segment of alveolus-carrying teeth is commonly displaced.


The extent and position of the alveolar fracture should be verified clinically and radiographically. Clinically two or more teeth are displaced ‘en bloc’ with no widening of the normal interdental spaces between the teeth. There is commonly a discontinuity or step in the occlusal level.

In the mandibular anterior region, a fracture of the alveolus will produce sublingual bleeding and a sublingual haematoma. Even if a radiograph is inconclusive, a fracture of the alveolus is the diagnosis with such a sublingual sign (Figs 11-1 to 11-4)


Fig 11-1 Trauma to the chin sustained in a fall.

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