10: Periodontal dressings

Chapter 10

Periodontal dressings


A periodontal dressing is a ‘bandage’ that is placed over a surgical site once haemorrhaging has been controlled. The area where the periodontal dressing is to be placed must be relatively dry for the dressing to adhere.

Material constituents/composition

  • Available in two-paste, single-paste and light-curable forms
  • Zinc oxide eugenol and non-eugenol forms are available


  • Non-toxic


  • Easily manipulated


  • Material is very sticky (Vaseline must be used on gloves when rolling into a rope to avoid it sticking)

Indications and contraindications for use


  • To promote healing after periodontal treatment, gingivectomies and surgical procedures
  • To protect the wound area
  • To hold a periodontal flap in position
  • To improve the patient’s comfort


  • Some patients have reported a sensitivity to the material

Trade names

Trade name Manufacturer
Coe-PakTM (Figure 10.1a) GC America
Perio Care (Figure 10.1b) Pulpdent

Figure 10.1 (a) Coe-pakTM – GC America. (b) Perio Care Pulpdent.


Manipulation (Figures 10.2a10.2g)

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