Use of poly- l-lactic acid (sculptra ®) in facial reconstruction of soft tissue defects: our experience

Introduction : Poly- l -lactic acid is a synthetic material belonging to the family of α-hydroxyl acids, with several applications in medicine, ranging from nanomedicine to resorbable osteosynthesis material. As a filler, is considered a biostimulator, as it promotes the increase of volume by producing collagen and native collagen vascularization. Therefore, their results are not immediate but they are more stable over time compared to other synthetic fillers or autologous fat grafting. We present our experience in its use in reconstruction of facial soft tissue defects.

Material and method : We present 8 patients treated with Sculptra ® , between January 2009 and February 2013, for facial reconstruction of a soft tissue defect. Of these, 4 cases were hemifacial atrophy by Parry–Romberg syndrome, and other 4 cases were postoperative sequelae (2 orofacial squamous cell carcinomas, 1 mandibular osteosarcoma and 1 severe craniofacial trauma). All patients underwent CT prior to confirm soft tissue atrophy and discard that the defects were caused by bone sequels. We tracked them with weekly reviews in the first month post-injection, and every 6 months thereafter, to evaluate results, side effects and need for new applications.

Results : The aesthetic results are excellent, achieving a stable filling of the defect, after several boosters, with a high degree of satisfaction among patients. It took an average of 3 sessions per patient, injecting in each 2–4 vials.

Conclusion : Poly- l -lactic acid is a stable filler, secure, devoid of associated morbidity and excellent cosmetic results in the reconstruction of facial soft tissue defects.

Key words : sculptra; fillers; reconstruction; soft tissue defects

Disclosure : None of the authors have been financially compensated by the brand or have any comercial relationships.

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