Treatment of frontal sinus fracture by obliteration with iliac crest bone graft

Fractures involving frontal sinus may result in long-term complications and sequelae related to the sinus and intracranial, orbital and nasal structures. Incidence varies from 2% to 15% of all facial fractures. Also, those are the cranial fractures most frequently associated with facial fractures. Thus, treatment is directed to prevent infectious complications and aesthetic deformity of the frontal area and upper facial third, as well as the isolation of intracranial contents and correction of cerebral spine fluid leakage. Parameters of frontal sinus fractures management are well established: isolation of intracranial contents, correction of cerebral spine fluid leakage, prevention of infection and sequelae, restoration of functional integrity of involved structures whenever possible and restoration of facial contour and aesthetics. Frontal sinus obliteration is the surgical tecnic used to treat fractures with involvement of the posterior wall that do not require neurosurgical intervention; with damage to drainage system; anterior wall comminutions, chronic infection and other nonmalignant conditions. This present work intends to expose considerations about the obliteration of the frontal sinus fracture with iliac crest bone graft, its indications, as well as main complications and it’s treatments and illustrative case will be showing.

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Jan 27, 2018 | Posted by in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | Comments Off on Treatment of frontal sinus fracture by obliteration with iliac crest bone graft
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