The zygoma implant as anchorage for dental rehabilitation after partial mandibulectomy

Statement of the problem: The remaining bone after partial mandibular reconstruction for dental implants placement and rehabilitation is usually limited in terms of height and width, causing the implants to fail or could not be rehabilitated.

The use of zygoma fixtures in areas adjacent to the bone grafting or bone transport is analyzed in this study.

Materials and method: The data is based on 10 patients (ages 13–63 years old, mean 36, 24 years) who underwent mandibular reconstruction; after benign tumors (7), malignancy (1) and after trauma (2). Seven patients were treated by free bone grafts from the iliac crest. Two by bone transport via distraction osteogenesis and one after microvascular fibula flap. All patients obtained bone continuity after surgical reconstruction, and zygoma implants were inserted in the healthy non-operated bone, completing the tripod with short standard fixtures; allowing proper distribution and adequate biomechanics utilizing hybrid screw retained prosthesis.

Results: All patients were dentally rehabilitated with functional and esthetic hybrid prosthesis, using 18 zygoma implants and 30 standard fixtures. The patients were followed for 6 years (6.3–1.5 years, average 2.9 years).

Conclusions: The zygoma fixtures were used in the mandible as anchorage for dental rehabilitation after mandibular reconstruction in patients with tumors or severe trauma. They were indicated where bone quantity or quality was deficient, but there was bone continuity.

All patient were treated by a combination of zygoma fixtures and standard dental implants, and screw retained hybrid dentures with a high level of satisfaction and excellent clinical follow-up.

Conflict of interest : None declared.

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Feb 5, 2018 | Posted by in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | Comments Off on The zygoma implant as anchorage for dental rehabilitation after partial mandibulectomy
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