Simultaneous implant placement with ridge augmentation using bone ring transplant

Background and objectives: Root-form endoosseous immediate implants are considered the best teeth replacement alternative as they preserve bone integrity. Sufficient bone at the desired implant location is important factor for implant placement. Defective sockets limit the quantity and quality of bone necessary for successful implant placement. A new technique was introduced in a case report by Stevens et al. (2010) to augment the defective socket three-dimensionally with autologous ‘bone rings’ and immediate implant placement in a one-stage procedure. This study aims to evaluate the Bone Ring transplant clinically and radiographically as a technique for augmentation of defective fresh extraction socket with immediate implant placement.

Methods: Ten patients were selected with fresh extraction sockets. The extraction sockets were defective due to periodontal disease or traumatic extraction. Twelve defective sockets were prepared using a trephine bur. Bone rings were outlined by a larger trephine bur at the mandibular symphysial area and a central osteotomy for implant placement was done before their removal. The rings were then removed bicortically and then snugly fitted in the prepared defect. This was followed by screwing the implant through the ring and basal bone. Patients were radiographically examined pre- and postoperatively using cone beam computed tomography (CBCT). Crestal bone changes around the implants were measured and statistically evaluated.

Results: Based on the clinical and radiographic findings, the twelve implants showed criteria of success including: no implant loss, absence of infection or graft dehiscence and alveolar bone healing with no significant amount of crestal bone loss.

Conclusion: The examined technique for augmentation of localized alveolar bone defects proved to be reliable with high rate of success.

Key words : ridge augmentation; bone ring; immediate implant.

Disclosure: There is no any financial relationships between the authors and any manufacturer/supplier of any commercial products or services related to the work.

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