Self-ligating brackets in orthodontics: Current concepts and techniques

The editors of this book possess a wealth of both academic and clinical experience. Dr Ludwig is scientific coordinator and assistant professor in the Department of Orthodontics at the University of Homburg/Saar in Germany. Dr Bister is a consultant orthodontist at Guy’s, King’s, and St Thomas Dental Institute in London. In addition to their academic teaching and research responsibilities, both maintain private practices. Dr Baumgaertel maintains a private practice and is a part-time clinical instructor at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

The purpose of the book is to give the reader an overview of self-ligating brackets that incorporates research results and the authors’ clinical experiences.

The first part of the book describes the development of self-ligating bracket systems. It provides an overview of the components of self-ligating brackets, auxiliaries, orthodontic wires, and their biomechanical interactions. Most commercially available current bracket systems are described. The advantages and disadvantages of the various bracket designs are well covered without any apparent bias. This is followed by a nice overview of treatment diagnosis, oral hygiene considerations, and bonding procedures.

The second portion of the book focuses on treatment planning and treatment mechanics. A wide range of topics is covered in a logical sequence and is nicely illustrated with high-quality graphics and case examples. The authors shared their clinical experiences with the reader in a practical manner. Although specific issues with self-ligating brackets are described, much of the information can be applied to any bracket system.

This book primarily focuses on clinical care, but it does provide balanced scientific references to support most of the authors’ concepts. The role of self-ligating brackets was well framed, without suggesting that excellent care cannot be provided with other bracket systems.

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