Rehabilitation of severe resorbed maxilla only using multiple zygomatic implants

Introduction: A series of procedures have been described, for treating atrophic edentulous maxilla, which provide adequate bone volume for the placement of dental implants. However, such treatment options include additional procedures for obtaining bone from extraoral sites, need for hospitalization, high costs and long treatment periods. All these have led to the rejection of said procedures by many patients, due to the high morbidity these entailed. The zygomatic implants have been used as posterior anchors for implant-supported prostheses in patients with severe resorbed maxilla. The original concept included the placement of a single implant in the zygoma, bilaterally, combined with at least four conventional implants in the anterior sector of the maxilla. However some cases of extremely resorbed maxillas prevent the use of anterior conventional implants, compromising the clinical results due to unfavourable prosthetic biomechanics.

Purpose: Evaluate clinical results of severe resorbed maxillas using only zygomatic implants as prostheses anchors.

Patients and methods: Retrospective review of 3 patients with severe atrophic maxillas restored only with zygomatic implants. Clinical records, photographs and radiographs were studied.

Results: Rehabilitation of three patients was achieved using four zygomatic implants, two in each side, in one patient and six zygomatic implants, three in each side in the other two. Immediately loaded prostheses were installed. Implant osteointegration, prostheses stability, functional and aesthetic outcomes were evaluated. The average follow up was of 28 months.

Conclusion: Rehabilitation using only zygomatic implants in severe resorbed maxillas allows an adequate aesthetic and functional rehabilitation.

Conflict of interest: None declared.

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Jan 27, 2018 | Posted by in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | Comments Off on Rehabilitation of severe resorbed maxilla only using multiple zygomatic implants
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