Preventive effect of CPP–ACP paste on enamel erosion in vitro

Objectives . The present study aimed to evaluate preventive effect of Casein Phosphopeptide–Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (CPP–ACP) paste and artificial saliva on hardness of intact enamel eroded by a Cola drink.

Materials and methods . Forty extracted human lower incisors were used and baseline Vickers micro-hardness measurements (Hb) were conducted with a force of 100 g (5 indentations on each specimen). All teeth were randomly divided into 4 groups: (1) CPP–ACP paste (Toothmousse, GC Asia Dental, Japan) with deionized water, (2) CPP–ACP paste with artificial saliva, (3) artificial saliva and (4) deionized water. The 4 groups were subjected to 37 °C condition for 1 h prior to simulated erosion process. The simulated process alternatively immersed each specimen in a Cola drink (Thai Namthip Co. Ltd, Thailand) for 5 s and the artificial saliva (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand) for another 5 s for 10 cycles. Three demineralization processes were conducted with a waiting period (storage of specimens in the artificial saliva at 37 °C condition for 6 h) between each process. The demineralized micro-hardness measurements (Hd) were repeated on the same area of each specimen after the simulated process. Statistical analysis was conducted by paired-sample t -test and one-way ANOVA.

Results . Mean and standard deviation of Hb and Hd of all groups investigated are shown in Table below.

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