Compatibility of self-etching dentin adhesives with resin luting cements

Objectives : This study was performed to investigate the compatibility between 4 dentin adhesives and 4 resin luting cements by means of uTBS test and SEM analysis for dentin–resin interface.

Materials and methods : Dentin adhesives used in study were All-Bond2 (Bisco), Clearfil SE-Bond (Kuraray), Prompt L-Pop (3M) and One-Up Bond F (Tokuyama). Resin luting cements used in study were Choice (Bisco), Panavia F (Kuraray), RelyX ARC (3M), and Bistite II DC (Tokuyama). Combination of each dentin adhesive and each resin cement created 16 experimental groups.

Flat dentin surfaces were created on mid-coronal dentin of extracted mandibular third molars, then dentin surface was polished with 320-grit silicon carbide abrasive papers.

Indirect resin composite block (Tescera, Bisco) with 6 mm × 6 mm × 3 mm size was fabricated. Its surface for bonding to tooth was polished with silicon carbide abrasive papers. Each dentin adhesive was applied on tooth surface and resin composite overlay were luted with each resin cement. Each bonded specimen was poured in epoxy resin and sectioned occluso-gingivally into 1.0 mm thick slab, then further sectioned into 1.0 mm × 1.0 mm composite-dentin beams. Microtensile bond strength was tested at a crosshead speed of 1.0 mm/min. The data were analyzed by one-way ANOVA and Duncan’s multiple comparison tests.

Results : When Choice, RelyX ARC and Bistite II were used, Clearfil SE-Bond that is a 2-step self-etching adhesive showed significantly higher uTBS values than 1-step self-etching adhesive ( p < 0.05). 1-step self-etching adhesive resulted in low uTBS values coupled with all resin luting cements used in this study. Clearfil SE-Bond didn’t show significant uTBS values than All-Bond 2 that is a conventional 3-step dentin adhesive ( p > 0.05). In SEM observation, Clearfil SE-Bond and All-Bond 2 showed well formed hybrid layer and resin tag than the 1-step self-etching adhesive.

Conclusions : The 2-step self-etching dentin adhesive, which has additional bonding resin is more compatible than the 1-step self-etching dentin adhesive.

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