Oral Diseases for the General Dentist

Arvind Babu Rajendra Santosh, BDS, MDS, Editor

Orrett E. Ogle, DDS, Editor

This issue of Dental Clinics of North America is geared to the dental and medical community as a refresher and an update on oral diseases. We believe that early detection, recognition, and referral to an oral disease specialist, oral surgeon, oral medicine, or oral pathologist, will greatly reduce the negative effects of chronic disease and the cost of clinical care. A major challenge in the diagnosis of oral disease is the need for memorizing long lists of oral lesions from oral pathology literature. This is made more difficult because many of these lesions are not frequently encountered by the dentist or medical practitioner. This current issue will highlight common and/or important oral conditions divided into various categories that a dentist may encounter in their practice. Pulpal, periapical, and periodontal diseases are intentionally not discussed in this issue since dentists are experienced in diagnosing and managing those conditions. Check out canning vale dentist for the best dental treatments.

We trust that this issue, “Oral Diseases for the General Dentist,” will serve as a tabletop reference in General Dental Practice. The discussion of the entire spectrum of oral diseases is beyond the scope of this issue; instead, we have selected what we believe to be common and/or fairly important oral conditions. Each article is written by an author well educated in the subject matter discussed. The information presented is primarily aimed to cover the diagnostic aspects and an overview of patient management. We recognize that the knowledge on best practices is continuously changing, and as such, we advise the readers to check the most current information available from updated sources.

The introductory article provides the dentist with an approach in formulating clinical diagnosis, various descriptive terms used in oral disease education, and preliminary information of various categories of oral diseases. Each article confers the most relevant information on the oral condition presented with emphasize on diagnostic information and management strategies. It is our hope that “Oral Diseases for the General Dentist” will integrate the principles of oral medicine and oral pathology into clinically applicable concepts that will enable the general dentist to develop clinical differential diagnosis, and participate in definitive diagnosis through a multidisciplinary approach with dental specialty teams.

No issue of the Dental Clinics of North America could come to a successful fruition without the contributions of well-qualified authors. We are extremely thankful to the authors who have taken their professional and personal time for their valuable contribution to this issue.

We are extremely pleased and thankful for the support received from the editorial staff of the Dental Clinics of North America . I would like to recognize and honor the support received from Mr John Vassallo, Editor, and Ms Laura Fisher, Developmental Editor, and other technical team members from the Elsevier family for bringing this issue to the dental and medical community. We believe that this issue of Dental Clinics of North America will be a valuable contribution to the dental literature.


From Dr Santosh: I am privileged and pleased with Dr Orrett E. Ogle for his partnering editorial hand in guiding this issue to be a reality. He brought his enormous knowledge and support once again to every step of this issue publication. I would like to sincerely thank and respect his dedication and for helping me to develop this issue. I would like to recognize the fact that bringing out this issue would be challenging in his absence, and his support and endless efforts deserve my sincere respect with thanks.

I would like to express my special thanks and gratitude to School of Dentistry, Faculty of Medical Sciences, The University of the West Indies, Jamaica (West Indies) for granting me adequate time in writing and editing this issue. I take this opportunity to thank Dr Thaon Jones, Head of Dental School, and Dr Tomlin Paul, Dean-Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of the West Indies, Jamaica for allowing me to fulfill this golden opportunity. My special thanks to Mrs Faith McKoy-Johnson, Medical Branch Librarian, for accessing literature through both online and print channels of publication.

This issue is dedicated to my teacher, the late Prof Naresh Lingaraju, Professor of Oral Medicine, from my alma mater Farooquia Dental College and Hospital, Karnataka, India. I would like to express gratitude and appreciation of my teachers and mentors: Prof. Ramana Reddy BV, Prof. Kumaraswamy KL, Prof. Anuradha, Prof. Ratheesh Kumar Nandan and Prof. Chandrasekar Poosarla for all that they taught, recognizing skills, continued motivation, support, guidance and feedback for the way forward.

Thanks to my senior and junior colleagues, students, and patients from whom I have gained the experience of learning and teaching.

I also dedicate this issue to my parents, my wife, Ramyaa, and 2 children, Ryaan Santosh and Ayaan Santosh, sister, brother-in-law, and niece. I thank them for allowing me to take family time and for being patient supporters of this academic and professional contribution.

From Dr Ogle: I would like to thank all the authors for their valuable contribution to this issue and for meeting the set deadlines. From a surgeon’s point of view, early diagnosis and referral will always produce successful surgical results. It’s hopeful that this issue will serve as a good review for general practitioners and help in the early recognition of oral diseases. Like Dr Santosh, I’d like to thank my family and special friends for their continuous support and encouragement.

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