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Treatment of a Class II Division 1 malocclusion with miniscrew anchorage

Ning Zhang, Yuxing Bai, and Song Li. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 2012;141:e85-e93

This case report describes the treatment of a 30-year-old woman with a Class II Division 1 malocclusion, characterized by a large overjet, a deep overbite, and a V-shaped maxillary dental arch. She had a convex profile with a retrognathic mandible and marked lip protrusion. Treatment involved extraction of 4 first premolars and miniscrew implant anchorage for space closure. The total treatment time was about 20 months. Ideal overjet and overbite relationships were established, and the facial profile was improved substantially. The 2-year follow-up records show a morphologically and functionally stable result.

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