New insight of PDT in reconstructive nose surgery for vascular tumour

Background : Unfortunately vascular tumour are localized in 80% cases in the face region and 18% in nose. These tumours include hemangiomas, limphangiomas, malformations which present at children birth. The rapid growing stage for tumour is most dangerous for its complications. There are breath problems, bleeding, infection and face disfigurements, and scars. Also part of this tumour, specially infantile hemangiomas resolves till 8 ages but for a 50%. Modern medicine technologies and investigations of the vascular tumour give to physicians different methods of treatment. All this methods aren’t selective and have a lot of side effects. For this reason we observe another method of treatment for vascular tumour a photodynamic therapy for the selective primary tumor destruction.

Material and methods : 46 patients with nose vascular tumour were treated in Tashkent Medical Academy from august 2011 to January 2012. The middle age was 0.6 ± 0.2 (max 30). After multidisciplinary discussion, all patients underwent photodynamic therapy under general anesthesia, with 5-ALA as photosensitising agent.

Results : During treatment 5/46 reported significant reduction of bleeding related to their vascular anomaly; while a reduction of the infection episodes was evident in 9/10 patients and 44/46 reported reduction in the disfigurement caused by their pathology. Clinical assessment showed that more than half of the patients had ‘good response’ to the treatment. Significant clinical response was reported by 28 (60.4%) patients, moderate result by 13 (28.6%). Radiological and ultrasound assessment comparing imaging 6-week post-laser PDT to the baseline showed moderate response in 14 (31.8%) patients and significant response in 23 (49,8%) patients.

Conclusion : The growing body of evidence regarding its efficacy, and the innate minimally invasive characteristics of PDT suggest that it should become an important addition to the various techniques used in the management of the vascular tumour.

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