Management of Relapse


Management of Relapse

Interproximal Enamel Reduction (Stripping)

Irregularity or mild crowding of the lower incisors can be treated with interproximal reduction (IPR) of the enamel, also known as “stripping” (see Chapter 7). The underlying assumption is that the teeth can align once enough space has been created. This does not work reliably when the teeth to be aligned are rotated. The following technique should be considered as an adjunct.

Case Study 9.4 (Fig. 9.16)

Patient: J.Z., female, age 16.

Diagnostic records: models, panoramic radiograph, lateral cephalometric radiograph, intraoral/extraoral photographs.

Main findings: class I occlusion with anterior misalignment.

Treatment aims: alignment.

Appliances: set-up trays, IPR.

Alternative treatment strategy: multiple-bracket appliance.

Active treatment time: 9 months, with three set-up trays.

Retention: fixed retention.

Fig. 9.16 1–15 1–5 The patient requested improved anterior alignment. 6–10 Stepwise IPR; the second set-up tray is in place. 11–15 The situation before retention. The patient, who was satisfied with the results, was not disturbed by the minor rotation of tooth 33, which was therefore not corrected.
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