Keratoameloblastoma: a rare case of recidivation of a rare lesion

This kind of pathology, although not well described in the literature, is already documented by some professionals and presented in recent articles and books. As the name let us imagine, this lesion is a mixed tumor, where we can find areas well representative of each of the pathologies. Although it is a combination of two benign but aggressive lesions, of what we can see from information given up to this moment, this pathology does not have malicnancy potential or bigger chances of recidivation. The case we present is about a female patient, 47 years, with a huge mandibular lesion, who underwent an hemimandibulectomy elsewhere. The histopathological examination showed an ameloblastoma. Two years later she came to our service with a large swelling on the temporal region. A biopsy was a mixed lesion, with areas of both ameloblastoma and keratocyst. We believe that, in the first surgery, tumour was left in the soft tissue, which lead to recidivation. Another resection was made and the patient is now under periodic revision, showing no clinical or radiographic sign of recurrence. Histopathological examination confirmed keratoameloblastoma.

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Jan 20, 2018 | Posted by in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | Comments Off on Keratoameloblastoma: a rare case of recidivation of a rare lesion
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