Influence of ammonium hexafluorosilicate on enamel of permanent teeth

Objectives . Although diamine silver fluoride ( 1 AgF: (NH 3 ) 2 AgF) stains teeth black, it is known as a very effective agent to prevent the dental caries progress . The Ammonium hexafluorosilicate ( 2 SiF: (NH 4 ) 2 SiF 6 ), could be used as an alternative treatment without stains. The aim of this study was to determine and compare the resistance to demineralization of the enamel of permanent teeth, with SiF and AgF application.

Materials and methods . 30 surgically extracted human third molars were mounted in polymethylmethacrylate on vestibular side and polished to a #2500 SiC grade in order to get a 3 mm × 3 mm enamel area. Samples were washed with ultrasound and divided into 3 groups (Control, AgF and SIF) of 10 samples each. Microhardness measurements were made with a Vickers indenter (MXT30-UL. series UL0023). Enamel blocks were immersed in a demineralizing solution (0.1 mol lactic acid, 3 mmol/L CaCl 2 , 1.8 mmol/L K 2 PO 4 , containing 1 wt% carboxymethylcellulose, solution pH was adjusted to 4.0 with KOH) for one hour at 37 °C in three cycles.

On two of the groups before placement in the demineralizing solution SiF (0.476 mol/L) and AgF (2.36 mol/L) were applied, respectively, for 3 min and washed with deionized water. All samples were analyzed by microhardness measurements between applications. For the statistical analysis, one-way factorial ANOVA and Tukey, used as a post-hoc test, were performed using the SPSS program.


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