Dry sockets: embarrassing but real!

Introduction: Dry socket is a frustrating problem which every practising oral surgeon faces routinely. To add insult to injury it is also commonly associated with a stigma due to which very few have dared to study the phenomenon. Very little is available in the literature regarding the epidemiology of this condition more so there is very little consensus as to a protocol for its management.

Aims and objectives: To statistically enumerate the factors which predisposes toward dry socket.

To prospectively evaluate and compare the effectiveness of Neocones ® , Alvogyl ® , and ZOE pack for the management of dry socket.

Materials and methods: All extractions reporting from 1st January 2010 to 31st March 2011 to the unit were included in study. Personal data of all patients were collected on a proforma with regards to age, sex, oral habits, socio-economic status, systemic disease, use of prescription and nonprescription medications, menstral and obstetric history (women), cause for extraction, site of extraction, difficulty, method and time taken for extraction, and medication prescribed.

Dry socket was diagnosed clinically. They were evaluated for compliance to post operative instructions, onset of symptoms and clinical features. These patients were then randomly divided into 4 groups. Group 1 was the control group in whom no treatment other than symptomatic was given (this was done for all groups). Group 2 patient received irrigation with saline and zinc oxide eugenol pack. Group 3 received placement of Alvogyl ® dressing and Group 4 received placement of Neocones ® .

Observation and results: A total of 7106 extractions were performed in the unit during the period of study, average incidence of dry sockets was 120 (1.7%), whereas when transalveolar extraction were performed the incidence increased to 9.5%. Male:female was 22:15, there was markedly increased in the 30–45 age group.

Conclusion: Our results showed that Neocones ® showed significant advantage over the other modalities.

Conflict of interest: None declared.

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