Dimple creation surgery; technique note and review of the literature

Purpose : To introduce a novel technice for dimple surgery creation and review of the letratures.

Method : Dimples are genetically inherited, and thus this naturally given gift is not for everyone. Studies of the human facial anatomy revealed that dimples occur secondary to an abnormal insertion of the muscles of the face (dermocutaneous insertion of the fibers on the inferior bundle of the bifid zygomaticus major muscle), rather than a soft tissue defect. With the popularity of cosmetic surgery and celebrities with dimples, such as Cheryl Cole,Miranda Kerr& Hilary Duff, there has been a recent increased in demand for dimple surgery or ‘dimpleplasty’. Multiple techniques have been introduced to create dimples. They can be categorized in two major categories, blind coring and open approaches. The authors have used a new simple technique to form dimples for patients. During the operation with the aid of punch trephine bur the buccal soft tissue core consist of mucosa, buccinator muscle and Bichat’s fat pad was removed after that with the single absorbable or nonabsorbable suture muscle edges was sutured to subcutaneous tissue in the defect.

Results : After the operation, patients have been satisfied with the shape of the dimples and hematoma or other main complications never occurred.

Conclusion : As a result, on the basis of our experience on twenty cases and after at least one year follow up in each one the authors conclude that this technique is simple and easy to duplicate.

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Jan 20, 2018 | Posted by in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | Comments Off on Dimple creation surgery; technique note and review of the literature
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