Biomechanics in orthodontics

Reviewed by Larry White

Fourteen years ago, Birte Melsen and Giorgio Fiorelli excited the profession with their CD-ROM regarding biomechanics. They have now issued their third iteration, and it incorporates all the information that characterizes the existent knowledge and clinical skills in orthodontics. They have included all the new data and discoveries about the biologic processes that determine how teeth move. This book has 21 chapters dealing with determinate and indeterminate systems, alignment loops, segmented arches, asymmetries, occlusograms, treatment planning, force systems, space closure, metallurgy, and more, plus new chapters about implants and self-ligating brackets. They will add 2 chapters within the next few months about the bioprogressive technique and bracketless fixed appliances. Readers can download free demonstrations of the book by going to . Subscribers can activate the third edition through the Internet and also upgrade future additions via the Internet.

The principles of biomechanics have not changed; however, computer technology has advanced greatly in the past 14 years, and graphic display standards have allowed vast enhancements to the visual and auditory presentations. Two hundred fifty animations or videos and Flash interactive animations of the more than 200 topics give viewers unprecedented clarity and understanding of complicated topics. This CD book is the most original and innovative collection of orthodontic theories, therapies, and instructions ever assembled in 1 source. No simple print narrative could ever hope to match what this multimedia publication accomplishes. It combines text, hypertext links, images, animations, and audios with records of more than 100 clinical patients who illustrate the mechanics and treatment plans used by the authors.

The authors enlarged the bibliographic section to include more than 500 references plus links to articles on the Internet. The 118 excellent patient therapies shown remain intact and illustrate how the application of sound biomechanical principles can result in predictable and efficient treatments. The authors plan to add patient treatments completed in the 21st century via Internet upgrades. A new Internet server allows continuous updating of the software that gives users round-the-clock virus protection. Purchasers also receive 2 years of free upgrades so that they can add new content and improvements without additional charges.

With the recent emphasis on nonextraction expansion therapies, orthodontists have seemingly reduced their interest in diagnosis and treatment planning; however, Drs Melsen and Fiorelli have developed exceptionally clear explanations about these important subjects that reviewers are unlikely to find elsewhere. There is no better explanation of biomechanics in the world today, and those who want to know the state-of-the-art need go no further than their computer’s Internet connection. Orthodontic departments the world over would certainly do residents and their future patients a huge favor by providing them this astonishing source of first-rate orthodontic knowledge.

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