Authors’ response

We would like to thank Dr Spassov and coworkers for their interest in our research work. The concerns by Dr Spassov and his team probably derive from their lack of awareness of the effectiveness of early interceptive treatment of a PDC to prevent impaction. Our research group has published to date several randomized clinical trials on this topic, with the consistent result of an increase in the prevalence rate of spontaneous eruption of PDCs after different interceptive techniques (extraction of the deciduous canine, rapid maxillary expansion, headgear, transpalatal arch, and so on). Dr Spassov and colleagues are invited to consider these studies that can provide a very favorable impact on everyday orthodontic practice. In the light of the results, it is highly recommendable to be able to diagnose PDC as early as possible also by identifying risk indicators such as associated dental anomalies. All of this can be done by using the usual panoramic x-ray that is needed routinely for orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning. Therefore, it is a definite therapeutic advantage with the usual dose of radiation. Nothing to worry about.

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