Authors’ response

We appreciate the interest in our article. Initially, a Planas appliance was placed, which allowed raising of the bite provided by the tracks of the maxillary and mandibular appliances due to the installed overbite. When this occurs, the mandible rotates downward and backward, allowing its advancement. Besides the bite raising, the appliance was constructed in a 3-mm constructive bite, and, 120 days later, 2-mm “stops” were placed in the telescopic tubes, thereby inducing the advancement of the mandible and subsequent sagittal correction.

Together with the mandibular advancement, a slight expansion of the maxillary arch was necessary and performed with an expander screw installed in the maxillary appliance so that that mandible did not remain in a top-to-top relationship with the maxilla, which would have impeded posttreatment stability with regard to the sagittal relationship. The extraoral appliance used to restrict the forward movement of the maxilla also had its internal arch expanded for the same purpose.

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