Angle reinforcement: a new perspective in mandibular reconstruction

Techniques of mandibular reconstruction have improved, and better responses have been achieved after the development of reconstruction plates. Several brands have defined criteria, and accurate prognoses can be made.

However, the loss of mandibular continuity remains a problem, although immediate grafts can be used to treat it. However, regardless of brand of the material used, grafts require special attention.

In particular, when a bone segment of the mandibular angle is lost, an angled reconstruction plate may be used, but the stress of muscle action on the critical point of force exertion, the plate angle, may often lead to plate fractures and complications.

To address this problem, a complementary plate for angle reinforcement was developed by an oromaxillofacial technical development consultancy office in the “MDT – INDÚSTRIA COMÉRCIO IMPORTAÇÃO E EXPORTAÇÃO DE IMPLANTES LTDA”, Rio Claro, Brazil, and in specialized laboratories, under the author’s supervision, and became available in the market in 2011. The angle plate reinforces the reconstruction plate and establishes a new perspective for resistance when using angled mandibular reconstruction plates.

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Jan 27, 2018 | Posted by in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | Comments Off on Angle reinforcement: a new perspective in mandibular reconstruction
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