8 Conclusions

8   Conclusions

D. Wismeijer, G.O. Gallucci

The selection of the appropriate treatment protocol for edentulous patients is influenced by a myriad of clinical and patient-related factors. Throughout this Volume 4 of the ITI Treatment Guide, different parameters involving treatment planning and execution for the edentulous patient were developed and illustrated.

A number of general conclusions can be drawn; these are summarized for the reader in the present chapter.

8.1 Proceedings of the 4th ITI Consensus Conference

Definitions of the terms applicable to the carious loading protocols:

  • When dental implants are allowed a healing period longer than 2 months after implant placement without connecting the abutments, this is termed conventional loading.

  • When dental implants are connected to the prosthesis between 1 week and 2 months after implant placement, this is termed early loading.

  • Immediate loading has been defined as the situation where dental implants are connected to the prosthesis within 1 week after implant placement. It was also decided that delayed loading should be included in the definition of conventional loading.

Scientific and/or clinical validation was categorized according to four groups covering a range from clinically insufficiently documented to scientifically and clinically validated. The highest level of scientific and clinical validation was found for conventional loading with mandibular overdentures and maxillary fixed dental prostheses. Insufficient scientific or clinical documentation/validation was found to immediate loading of maxillary overdentures as well as for immediate loading of immediately placed implants combined with fixed or removable dental prostheses in either jaw.

The treatment risk for the protocols highlighted in red or yellow (see also Chapter 2) is increased, especially when the variability in outcome homogeneity is taken into account.

Table 1 Validation of loading protocols for different prosthodontic treatments in the edentulous mandible or maxilla.
  Removable Fixed
Maxilla Mandible Maxilla Mandible
Conventional loading CWD SCV SCV CWD
Early loading CD CWD CD CD
Immediate loading CID CWD CWD CWD
Immediate loading of immediately placed implants CID CID CD CID

SCV: scientifically and clinically validated – dark green; CWD: clinically well-documented – light green; CD: clinically documented – yellow; CID: clinically insufficiently documented – red


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