7: More canine problems

7 More canine problems

Cases 1 and 2

image What factors would you consider in treatment?

These are given in Table 7.1.

Table 7.1 Factors to consider in treatment planning for transposition

Factor(s) Reason(s)
Underlying malocclusion, facial aesthetics, degree of crowding These will influence need for extraction(s)
Stage of dental development and position of root apices When root development is complete, interception (by extraction of primary teeth) is unlikely to lead to spontaneous improvement in tooth position
With complete transposition and root apices closed, acceptance of transposition may be best due to the root resorption and periodontal (e.g. gingival recession, alveolar dehiscence) risks involved in correction
Dental morphology If transposition is to be maintained, re-shaping is necessary to disguise for incorrect tooth position
Occlusal considerations Judicious grinding of the palatal cusp of a maxillary first premolar will be required where it is aligned in the canine position

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